Terms of Service to use website analysis services from Examineurl
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Examineurl Privacy Policy to its Users

Privacy Policy

examineurl.com is a service with the aim of providing valuable information to webmasters and Netpreneurs. At its simplest it could be considered an innovative approach to website analysis and trend tracking.

You can rest assure that Examineurl has no tolerance for spam and will keep all information gathered strictly confidential and will never be given out under any circumstances except to that which abides to the law and required for investigation purposes.

  • Examineurl will never

    Give out or use any e-mail address obtained from this service.
    Re-sell any personal information obtained from this service.
    Provide information to any third party entities.
    Sell or distribute your personal information.
    Disclose in any way your personal information.
    Disclose in any way Data you drive from this service.
    Provide any information without your discrete.
    Send you any e-mails without your permission.

  • Examineurl will

    Safe guard its visitors and members information and data.
    Be discrete on all information obtained.
    Encrypt sensitive data for secure storage.
    Safe keep all information and data obtained via this service.

  • Examineurl might

    Give out data and personal information if requested by authorities
    Give out data for a criminal investigation.
    Disclose personal information to authorities for criminal investigation.
    Report any suspicious activities that is believed to "break" the law.

Examineurl assures its users that their privacy is one of our main concerns, and will do what ever in its power to safe guard its visitors and members personal information.

Examineurl assures its users that it has a zero level tolerance for spam, to report any spam related assaults please send us a mail at Spam@examineurl.com and rest assure that we will go to the furthermost extent to report this abuse and put a stop to it.

If you have any inquiries or questions in regards to examineurl.com Privacy Policy please do not hesitate to drop us a line at Privacy@examineurl.com as we are entirely transparent in our methods and services.