Terms of Service to use website analysis services from Examineurl
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Examineurl Terms of Service

Terms of Service

examineurl.com is a service with the aim of providing valuable information to webmasters and Netpreneurs. At its simplest it could be considered as a comprehensive analytical service bringing together the most important factors that determines a websites value and converting that data into useful information for web masters. 

Examineurl comes under certain strict Terms and Conditions that users are expected to follow. These Terms are placed by Examineurl in order to assure its members privacy and ethical use of our service.

  • About the Terms of Service

    To be inline with the ethical use of web service, the Terms of Service mentioned here shall be imposed by examineurl.com as the essential practice followed by any user or member wishing to use our service, for the safety of the online community, examineurl.com will ban and may report criminal usage of the service. These Terms of Service may be changed at any time by examineurl.com if the need arises and it is the users responsibility to be aware of these terms.

  • What's permitted and what's not

    You are not to use Examineurl Service(s) to conduct harmful requests to web masters.
    You are not to use Examineurl Service(s) to spam web masters or conduct harmful activities.
    You are not to use Examineurl Service(s) other than to conduct website analaysis services.

  • examineurl.com will not allow use of its services to the following sites and services

    No Adult Sites to be listed by examineurl.com
    No Drug or Alcohol Sites to be listed by examineurl.com
    No Gambling Sites to be listed by examineurl.com
    No Spyware Sites to be listed by examineurl.com
    No illegal download sites to be listed by examineurl.com
    No anti copyright sites to be listed by examineurl.com

  • Failures and Limitations

    examineurl.com is in Beta phase and herein states that the service may not be available 100% of the time. There is the possibility of technical Failures. By using examineurl.com service(s) you agree and accept to hold examineurl.com and its affiliates legally free of any responsibility that may result from the usage of this service.

Examineurl has zero tolerance for spam and will go to the full extent if it receives a complaint. To report any spam related assaults please send us a mail at Spam@examineurl.com and rest assure that we will go to the furthermost extent to report this abuse and put a stop to it. For further questions on these term of service please do not hesitate to contact us at Terms@examineurl.com and we will be more than glad to provide you with the necessary information.